Plot of Hollywood Vampyr
HOLLYWOOD VAMPYR is an expose of Los Angeles' gothic subculture as seen through the eyes of a young female vampire. The film focuses on Fatal (Nora Zimmett), a former heroin addict, who has embraced the underground goth subculture. However, she eventually decides to leave her "family" and break free from their depraved world, with the help of her college tutor, Tom (Jeff Marchelletta). Standing in the way is Blood (Trevor Goddard), the dominant coven leader to whom she is unwillingly bound. By contrast, Tom finds her world increasingly seductive, and as Fatal gradually loses the only person she trusts, she discovers destiny has other plans. |View the trailer| |Report Broken Link|

Trivia for Hollywood Vampyr
Trevor Goddard (who plays the character Blood in the movie) passed out during filming at the sight of fake blood gushing out of a woman's arm that he was to cut. The story made it into TV Guide's Hollywood Grapevine Showbiz Buzz and Celebrity Scoop October 21-27, 2000.

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