How to install AOL Instant Messenger® Buddy Icons: You MUST use a standalone version of AIM (NOT the IM thingy already built in to AOL) that supports this feature. Make sure you have AIM installed and running when you select your icon. Click on the icon with your left mouse button. If that does not work, then click on the icon with your right mouse button and choose the option to "save picture" or "save picture as" and then follow the steps below. NOTE: Saving the icon to your desktop is the quickest way to remember where it is. Next, from within your AIM program (or AIM tray icon), go to Preferences: 1. Click BUDDY ICONS. 2. Pick *My Buddy Icon* (or a buddy on your list). 3. Click the "Browse PC" button. 4. Find the icon file on your computer and select it. 5. Enjoy! FOR HELP or more icons, go here. You Must Have Internet Explorer set as your default browser to view library.