Nancy's NF Survivor Story
Warning - *graphic images follow story*

My name is Blaine Stanziana, my wife of 26 years went into Pittsburgh's Mercy hospital on October 3rd 2005 for a hysterectomy. Six hours post surgery my wife contracted the flesh eating bacteria called Necrotizing Fasciitis. My wife was now fighting for her life. She underwent 5 emergency surgeries in three days to cut away the abdominal skin wall and tissue to try to stop this very aggressive and life threatening disease. She had contracted it in her hysterectomy incision.

My wife was then placed in Mercy's Trauma Burn Unit Intensive Care on a breathing machine. I did not leave Mercy Hospital for 6 days solid. When it was apparent that the disease was finally stopped, they then placed my wife into another room and left her cut wide open for another 5 days with another patient who was being tested for a contagious diarrhea! They had to use the same bathroom until the 7th and final surgery when plastic surgeons closed her up as best as possible. Mercy hospital is taking no responsibility for this lack of medical sterilization that almost cost me my wife, we are trying to find an attorney who will pursue this matter so it does not occur ever again. I also took pictures of my wife's ordeal while she was in Mercy hospital, they are very disturbing. I believe that my wife Nancy is the first person in Pittsburgh to contract this horrific disease from a medical procedure. Everyday in Pennsylvania, 5 people die from infections they contract while in the hospital!

Blaine Stanziana

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