MRSA is Sometimes Misdiagnosed as Spider Bites

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A Deadly Bug Invades our Towns

MRSA article from the December 7, 2008 edition of Parade Magazine.
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Spider-bite myths and misdiagnosis of CA-MRSA in Los Angeles County
Immediate, accurate, and effective diagnosis and treatment is essential to limit the spread of CA-MRSA skin infections among children and their families.

It’s Not a Spider Bite, It’s CA-MRSA
This article reports on ten patients identified as having CA-MRSA skin and soft tissue infections at an indigent health care clinic in San Antonio, Texas.

Spider Bites
(CA Poison Control System) Educational information about spiders found in domestic environments. Includes symptoms of and treatment for bites.

The Spider Myth Site
Common myths, misconceptions and superstition.

MRSA in LA County

Facts & Background

MRSA by Subject

Education Materials

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Myths & Misdiagnosis

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